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SMS Alerts Related to Transactions

CDSL is pleased to announce the launching of CDSL SMART (SMS Alerts Related to Transactions) services w.e.f. from October 01, 2007. CSDL SMART is an SMS service being made available to all BOs who have accounts with CDSL.

The SMART messages would be sent to BOs who have subscribed for the facility.  The SMART messages would initially be sent for all types of debits, subject to a maximum of four ISINs, and for credits into the account due to IPO and corporate actions.  CDSL reserves the right to change the frequency of intimation and the triggers that generate SMS alerts.  The SMART alert service is presently not available to Clearing Member accounts, Client Beneficiary accounts or Client Margin Accounts. Terms & Conditions-cum-Registration / Modification Form is attached herewith (see Annexure-A).  Detailed User Manual to enter the registration details in CDAS is attached herewith (see Annexure-C).  Terms & Conditions-cum-Registration / Modification Form should be uploaded on the DP's website so that BOs can download the same.  The Form will also be available on CDSL's website

At present the SMART facility will be provided free of cost. However, CDSL reserves the right to charge such fees, from time to time, as it deems fit for providing this service to the BO.

Procedure for Registration
  • The BOs desirous of availing the service will have to approach their DP. The DP will hand over a Terms & Conditions-cum-Registration / Modification Form for availing the service. BO can also download the Form from CDSL / DP website. BO will complete the Form and hand over the same to the DP.
  • DP shall check the Form for completeness. DP shall verify the signatures of all the account holder(s) against the signature(s) present in the CDAS system.
  • After entering the details, CDAS system will generate an acknowledgement letter, which the DP shall duly sign and hand over to the BO.
  • The SMART service will be activated for the BO as per details given in the terms and conditions mentioned in Annexure-A.
Procedure for Cancellation
  • If the BO intends to cancel the registration from the SMART facility, the Cancellation Form (see Annexure-B), will have to be filled up and given to the DP. The DP shall verify the BO's signature(s) against those present in the CDAS system.
  • DP shall enter the cancellation request in the CDAS system.
  • If any of the BOs registered for the SMART facility informs the DP about any unauthorized debit to the BO account, the DP should immediately take appropriate steps to resolve the issue.
  • DPs should ensure that no changes are incorporated in the Terms & Conditions-cum-Registration / Modification Form specified by CDSL.
  • The DPs may print the said Terms & Conditions-cum-Registration / Modification Form under their logo & letterhead.
  • The DP should ensure that all the account holders sign the SMART Terms & Conditions-cum-Registration / Modification Form.
  • If the DP desires to give the BO acknowledgement upon receipt of the SMART Registration Form, then it is advised to get the Terms & Conditions-cum-Registration / Modification Form filled in duplicate.  The acknowledgement of having received the SMART Registration Form may be given to the BO on the duplicate copy.
  • If the agreement spills over into multiple pages, the DPs should ensure that all the account holder(s) sign at the bottom of each page.
  • The DP should ensure that the signature of the BO(s) affixed on the Registration / Modification / Cancellation Form match with the signature(s) recorded in the CDAS system and then enter the details in the CDAS system. 
  • The DPs should ensure that any modification to the information given at the time of registration should be done only after receiving a duly filled Terms & Conditions-cum-Registration / Modification Form.
  • The DP should take precautions that cancellation has to be intimated by the BO by submitting a Cancellation Form.  The DPs should ensure that unauthorized modifications / cancellations of the SMART facility are not carried out.
  • DPs should ensure strict measures to protect the privacy of the information given by the BOs, for the use of SMART including precautions to avoid access to the information by unauthorized persons.
Terms And Conditions-cum-Registration / Modification Form for receiving SMS Alerts from CDSL
Definitions :
In these Terms and Conditions the terms shall have following meaning unless indicated otherwise:
  • "Depository" means Central Depository Services (India) Limited a company incorporated in India under the Companies Act 1956 and having its registered office at 17th Floor, P.J. Towers, Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai 400001 and all its branch offices and includes its successors and assigns.
  • 'DP' means Depository Participant of CDSL. The term covers all types of DPs who are allowed to open demat accounts for investors.
  • 'BO' means an entity that has opened a demat account with the depository. The term covers all types of demat accounts, which can be opened with a depository as specified by the depository from time to time.
  • SMS means "Short Messaging Service"
  • "Alerts" means a customized SMS sent to the BO over the said mobile phone number.
  • "Service Provider" means a cellular service provider(s) with whom the depository has entered / will be entering into an arrangement for providing the SMS alerts to the BO.
  • "Service" means the service of providing SMS alerts to the BO on best effort basis as per these terms and conditions.
Availability :
  • The service will be provided to the BO at his / her request and at the discretion of the depository. The service will be available to those accountholders who have provided their mobile numbers to the depository through their DP. The services may be discontinued for a specific period / indefinite period, with or without issuing any prior notice for the purpose of security reasons or system maintenance or for such other reasons as may be warranted. The depository may also discontinue the service at any time without giving prior notice for any reason whatsoever.
  • The service is currently available to the BOs who are residing in India.
  • The alerts will be provided to the BOs only if they remain within the range of the service providerís service area or within the range forming part of the roaming network of the service provider.
  • In case of joint accounts and non-individual accounts the service will be available, only to one mobile number i.e. to the mobile number as submitted at the time of registration / modification.
  • The BO is responsible for promptly intimating to the depository in the prescribed manner any change in mobile number, or loss of handset, on which the BO wants to receive the alerts from the depository. In case of change in mobile number not intimated to the depository, the SMS alerts will continue to be sent to the last registered mobile phone number. The BO agrees to indemnify the depository for any loss or damage suffered by it on account of SMS alerts sent on such mobile number.
Receiving Alerts:
  • The depository shall send the alerts to the mobile phone number provided by the BO while registering for the service or to any such number replaced and informed by the BO from time to time. Upon such registration / change, the depository shall make every effort to update the change in mobile number within a reasonable period of time. The depository shall not be responsible for any event of delay or loss of message in this regard.
  • The BO acknowledges that the alerts will be received only if the mobile phone is in 'ON' and in a mode to receive the SMS. If the mobile phone is in 'Off' mode i.e. unable to receive the alerts then the BO may not get / get after delay any alerts sent during such period.
  • The BO also acknowledges that the readability, accuracy and timeliness of providing the service depend on many factors including the infrastructure, connectivity of the service provider. The depository shall not be responsible for any non-delivery, delayed delivery or distortion of the alert in any way whatsoever.
  • The BO further acknowledges that the service provided to him is an additional facility provided for his convenience and is susceptible to error, omission and/ or inaccuracy. In case the BO observes any error in the information provided in the alert, the BO shall inform the depository and/ or the DP immediately in writing and the depository will make best possible efforts to rectify the error as early as possible. The BO shall not hold the depository liable for any loss, damages, etc. that may be incurred/ suffered by the BO on account of opting to avail SMS alerts facility.
  • The BO authorizes the depository to send any message such as promotional, greeting or any other message that the depository may consider appropriate, to the BO. The BO agrees to an ongoing confirmation for use of name, email address and mobile number for marketing offers between CDSL and any other entity.
  • The BO agrees to inform the depository and DP in writing of any unauthorized debit to his BO account/ unauthorized transfer of securities from his BO account, immediately, which may come to his knowledge on  receiving SMS alerts.  The BO may send an email to CDSL at  The BO is advised not to inform the service provider about any such unauthorized debit to/ transfer of securities from his BO account by sending a SMS back to the service provider as there is no reverse communication between the service provider and the depository.
  • The information sent as an alert on the mobile phone number shall be deemed to have been received by the BO and the depository shall not be under any obligation to confirm the authenticity of the person(s) receiving the alert.
  • The depository will make best efforts to provide the service. The BO cannot hold the depository liable for non-availability of the service in any manner whatsoever.
  • If the BO finds that the information such as mobile number etc., has been changed with out proper authorization, the BO should immediately inform the DP in writing.
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