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Investor Club

  • List your investment in various asset class.
  • Ratio of asset allocation.
  • Earning performance from different asset class.
  • Reshuffles your investment based on earning.
  • Exit from loass making assets /investments.
  • Analyze daily trading gains /losess.
  • Long term / short term capital gains / losses.
  • Stock statement - Compare with current market price.
  • Income tax liability.
  • Return on your investment and wealth appreciation.
  • Access to capital and financing activities.
  • Listed shares act as currency.
  • Premium valuation.
  • Efficient risk distribution for investment.
  • Entry & exit for PE / Other investors.
  • Greater company's visibility.
  • Help brand building.
  • Unlocking / bench marking value.
  • Incentive mechanism for employee.
  • Benefit for company in supply chain.

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